Quantum Secure Communications

Data Security For
The Quantum Era
Make your network quantum safe

Patero’s Hybrid Post-Quantum cryptomodule

Improves, not replaces traditional cryptography

As we rely more and more on digital systems, threat actors are listening to, altering or redirecting data in transit to affect critical infrastructure, supply chains, and even geopolitical stability.

Quantum computing will only make it easier to create havoc. Patero has created hybrid post-quantum cryptography that helps enterprises secure critical communications now and as quantum threats evolve. Instead of debating when quantum technologies will be readily available, organisations can start protecting their networks now to keep communications private and stay one step ahead of the quantum era.

Patero CryptoQoR

Patero QoR is a deployable, software-based cryptomodule that combines traditional and quantum-resistant algorithms to protect critical communications. It is:
  • Hybrid

    QoR combines well-tested algorithms with quantum-resilient models to create an ultra-secure cipher.

  • Crypto - agile

    Select and switch cryptographic algorithms, regardless of scheme diversity, through an easy one-click mechanism

  • Efficient

    Field-proven, rapidly deployable anywhere (e.g. bare metal, cloud, edge gateways)

  • Enterprise-ready

    Field-proven, rapidly deployable anywhere (e.g. bare metal, cloud, edge gateways)

  • Standards-based

    Code contains certified algorithms and NIST-qualified post-quantum candidates for compliance and enhanced security

  • Standard cryptography

  • Quantum-resistant cryptography

  • Hybrid, multithreaded cryptography



Protect customers’ communications

and supply chain

Create secure collaboration channels

and finance

Ensure rapid and trusted transactions


Prevent others from eavesdropping


Prevent command and control attacks

IoT Solution
Providers and Vendors

Make products and services quantum-resilient

For the Enterprise

Critical infrastructure without next-generation security is a strategic target. Patero protects networks so operators can:
Shrink attack surfaces
Work from home offices
Use data in cloud applications
Share information with partners
Prevent attack lateralization

Monetization strategies for OEMs and IIoT suppliers

Patero QoR works on any device, at the kernel level, without compromising performance. OEMs can install QoR to:
Differentiate product lines
Offer seamless PQC migration path
Enable partnerships
Set up secure remote monitoring or aftermarket services for additional revenue

For System Integrators

Successful digital transformation requires cyber-resilience. Embedding Patero PQC into digital architectures:
Makes services more competitive
Adds value to services without adding complexity or additional hardware
Offer seamless PQC migration path
If desired, enables Sls to extract data to offer services without compromising security

For Government

Federal agencies are under increasing pressure to modernize security operations and fortify networks. Patero QoR
Supports with EO14028 and NSM-10
Protects classified communication and critical assets
Enables seamless migration as PQC standards evolve

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Innovation and Sales Engineering

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Deployable, hybrid cryptography to protect critical infrastructure
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